Saturday, May 21, 2016

Giveaway #2 Special
Get This Book For Only $5!

At 1:15 minutes into the YouTube trailer for The Market Gardener's Toolkit, you will see a homemade Whizbang garden cart in action. The cart was made according to the plans in this book.....

The Whizbang Garden Cart design was developed in 2004 by Herrick Kimball, owner of Planet Whizbang. The plan book was published in 2007. There is a Web Site For The Book, and you can purchase paperback copies for $14.95, postage paid. (click HERE to purchase a paperback copy).

However, for the duration of Planet Whizbang Giveaway #2, you can purchase a PDF copy of the plan book for only $5. If you need a good garden cart (better than you can buy), and you have some basic woodworking skills, this will be the most worthwhile $5 you ever spent.

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