Thursday, June 23, 2016

Giveaway #4
How To Grow
World Record Tomatoes
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Don't let the title of this book mislead you. It's about more than just growing enormous tomato plants and fruits. Here's what the book says of itself on the back cover...

Charles Wilber was a man on a mission, dedicating his entire life to studying nature. And he spent most of his 90+ years learning how to coax the maximum production from her bounty. He started by emulating the conditions of the forest floor—the same forest where the giant sequoia grow. Then he added in good gardening techniques. The results were simply amazing.

In this almost unbelievable book he tells his personal story and his philosophy and approach to gardening. He reveals for the first time how he grew record-breaking tomatoes and produce of every variety.

Whether your interest is to win blue-ribbons, profit from market gardening, or feed the world, you'll never look at gardening the same. And you'll have tons of tomatoes too!

Charles Wilber's Preface to the book, and his life story, really intrigued me when I started reading this book. Then it got even more interesting when I read about the nuts and bolts of his growing techniques. Here's Mr. Wilber's simple Preface...

I have used the term dominion as expressed in the Good Book. I take dominion to mean stewardship, not domination. Too many people think the imperative to increase and multiply and exercise dominion over the plants and animals of the earth means to squander, rape and destroy. That is not my perception. Stewardship means conservation and careful nuturing. That's what I do with my tomato plants. I nurture them—and nature always rewards those who nurture her carefully.
I happen to share Mr. Wilbur's respect for the Bible and his proper understanding of the "dominion mandate." 

Regardless of your own philosophical underpinnings, if you garden, I'm pretty sure you will be inspired by Charles Wilber's personal story and his "All-Organic" growing techniques.


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  1. Looks interesting. Please enter me. Thanks

  2. The giveaway contest is entered by following the instructions in the white box at the bottom of this post. I don't enter people in the giveaway. You enter yourself and the Rafflecopter company takes care compiling entries, then choosing the winners. I just set up the contest, contact the winners at the end, and ship out the prizes.

    Herrick Kimball

  3. Sounds like a book definitely worth having. Paul Gauschi of Sequim, Washington was also taught by the Lord from observing the forest. The key was a "covering" in the garden and orchard; and I bet there's a lot more to it in this book. Thanks for a chance to win it!

  4. Sounds like a fascinating and worthwhile read! Since James brought it up, I have wondered what you think of Paul Gautschi's "Back to Eden" gardening method, Herrick. I first heard of him earlier this year through David the Good, and have watched the entire documentary about his garden and insights at least twice. We employed the "covering" method in a former RV parking area and are seeing improvement there. Also, have you heard of Justin Rhodes ( He does a lot of things with chickens, but also has a large kitchen garden. You (and your other readers) would probably greatly enjoy his frequent "vlogs" on YouTube. The Rhodes are employing some of the "Back to Eden" methodology as well.
    - Mrs. Clint